The Vision

To be the globally recognized authority in the advancement of maternal and fetal medicine in the Philippines by providing preconceptional and perinatal care through service, research, education and training to achieve optimal pregnancy outcomes.

The Mission

The PSMFM is committed to

  1. Advocating competent, ethical and resource appropriate practice of maternal and fetal medicine in the Philippines for the welfare of pregnant women and their fetuses. 
  2. Maintaining the highest standards in fellowship training in preconceptional and perinatal clinical and sonological evaluation, maternal fetal surveillance, diagnostics, and therapeutic interventions.
  3. Promoting continuing medical education and excellence in maternal fetal medicine.
  4. Advancing and supporting research and innovations in maternal and fetal medicine.
  5. Cultivating teamwork and collaboration with other medical and governmental agencies in affairs pertaining to maternal fetal medicine.
  6. Ensuring the valued role of our members by fostering goodwill, providing benefits and maintaining networking opportunities.
  7. Leading in the development of guidelines and best practice recommendations for healthcare professionals and patients 
  8. Contributing to nation-building through community service, medical research, continuing education, and assisting in the formulation of health policies for the benefit of the Filipino pregnant woman.


P – Professionalism
E – Excellence
R – Social Responsibility
I –   Integrity
N – Nurturing
A – Authority
T – Teamwork
A – Advocacy 
L – Leadership