Certification Course on Fetal Cardiac Scanning

The Fetal Heart Special Interest Group Chair Dr Angelita R. Teotico and members- Dr. Gumersinda C. Javier, Dr. Leah Socorro N. Rivera, Dr. Valerie T. Guinto, Dr. Berly B. Balita, Dr. Marie Catheleen P. Santiago and Dr. Grace P. Cayabyab, formulated a 3-part certification course on fetal cardiac scanning. This certification course will equip the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist with the competence and confidence to evaluate the fetal heart. Upon completion of the requirements of the course, the member will receive a certificate of competence for normal fetal cardiac scan.

Part I of the certification course is the lecture series, which started February 28, 2022, included the embryology and anatomy of the fetal heart, image optimization, ISUOG guidelines on segmental analysis, rhythm assessment and importance of the 3VT view. The lectures, prepared by the chair and members of the Fetal Heart SIG, covered each topic in detail with clips and images to demonstrate the correct views and techniques. Dr. Dexter Eugene C. Cheng, a guest faculty of the Fetal Heart SIG, showed how he does a screening fetal echo and he shared his fetal echo clips. A certificate of attendance with 8 PRC CPD units will be given to participants who have attended at least 70% of the lectures. The dates of the Masterclass and the case discussions will be announced.

The hands-on workshop, which is part II of the certification course, has been ongoing since the end of March. The trainers of the fellowship training hospitals were the first batch in the workshop. The workshop will continue until November.

Part III of the course is the submission of clips and images, for review by the members of the Fetal Heart SIG, and an examination.

Project Coordinator: CGMadrigal-Dy, MD (Fetal Cardiac Scanning Certification Course)


To watch the lectures click the following links:

February 28, 2022­-  https://youtu.be/pTZENYsq-E0

March 7, 2022-  https://youtu.be/B2RggSE0D40

March 14, 2022-  https://youtu.be/o7AUe9qPmdU

March 28, 2022- https://youtu.be/WsbTePuJDSY

April 4, 2022- https://youtu.be/H7k0o0G2bl4

April 11, 2022- https://youtu.be/Oe-GcdJaOHo






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