The Mutual Assistance Fund (MAF) aims to provide financial assistance “as a token” to members in times of disabilities or sickness or to the heirs of the deceased member . This is not a health insurance investment. Death or Sickness benefits cover only a minimum range of amount in pesos depending on the years of active status with membership of good standing. The MAF is PHP 300.00 each year. 



The PSMSM Annual Membership dues is being required on each member to ensure continued and active status in our society. The funds being collected will be pooled together with other sponsorship projects that will fund our yearly activities such as the rotating Fellow’s Forum among the different training institutions, the Annual Interesting Case and Research Contests of our Fellows and maintenance of our Office at the POGS building and our website. This will encourage and facilitate continued connection and interaction among our members. The annual dues is PHP 1500.00 each year, 

Please click the “Pay Now” button to pay 1850.00 (inclusive of the PHP 50.00 payment gateway fee)