Established in 1996

with the following Mission and Vision

PSMFM Vision Statement

“The PSMFM will be the globally recognized leader, innovator and authority in the advancement and protection of maternal, fetal and neonatal health in the Philippines through competent and ethical high-risk pregnancy care, research, advocacy and education.”

PSMFM Mission Statement

  1.  Fosters the development of the science and art of maternal and fetal medicine;
  2. Nurtures maternal, fetal and neonatal welfare;
  3. Maintains liaison and promotes co-operation and goodwill within its members and with other medical and allied medical organizations;
  4. Provides guidance to governmental and other bodies pertaining to issues in maternal and fetal medicine;
  5. Advocates and maintains competent, ethical and resource-appropriate practice of maternal and fetal medicine in the Philippines;
  6. Maintains excellence in training and promotes continuing medical education in maternal and fetal medicine, and
  7. Advances and supports research in maternal and fetal medicine.